MTC Restores Your Home and Business

At MTC, we take great joy in restoring a building to its healthy state after a flood, wind damage. vandalism, fire, or any sort of accident. It can be traumatic and unpleasant experience to wait while your home or business is restored. We do everything to get your home back on its feet quickly by working closely with your insurance company and streamlining the process of restoration. Whatever it might be, we restore it: damaged kitchen, bathroom, or basement, plumbing,  lighting, HVAC or anything else that needs a little TLC. 

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Understanding the Process

We meet with you and your insurance company to assess damages and claims so you don’t have to worry about quality of repairs. 

We examine how your property used to function and its original floor plan before we then provide an accurate estimate on what is actually required and the timeline. 

Finally, we’ll set to replenishing the building from its foundations to its roof. Plus, we guarantee that our work will meet your insurance companies’ repair standards. 

Repair Guarantee

Each restoration will meet or exceed your insurance company’s professional repair, workmanship, and material standards. 

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